Beverage Cooler / Wine Cooler / Wine Fridges

HARTMANN TRESORE offers also Thermoelectric Wine Coolers which have a heat pump that uses what is known as the Peltier effect to create a ‘heat flux’ between two different types of materials. Environmentally-friendly, as thermoelectric wine coolers do not contain any CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFCs (Hydro-Chlorofluorocarbons).

Due to the fact, there are no moving parts, it means that the wine coolers are extremely quiet and 100% vibration-free, which in turn keeps wine sediments undisturbed from movement ( specially in red wines ).

Temperature controls with sensitive soft touch electronics control on mirror tempered glass door for monitoring and adjusting with no need to open the door.

The HARTMANN TRESORE Wine Coolers are ideal for someone who doesn’t require a large amount of wine to be chilled at any one time, and would be perfect for use in anyone’s home kitchen, home bar, dining area or entertainment zone. Suitable for freestanding or counter-top, and even built-in, if the ambient air can circulate properly.



  • State-of art Design
  • Very low power consumption 
  • 100%  vibration free operation
  • Environmental friendly ( does not contain CFC )